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Most universities receive only a fraction of the benefits alumni can offer and only connect when appealing for donations..

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Dividends flow from a thoughtful, systematic relationship

Focussed in the main on drumming up donations, universities are failing to reap the potentially far greater benefits that could flow from a properly “nourished” alumni body. The dividend from a thoughtful and systematic relationship with alumni is much broader and more rewarding than purely financial. HECG believes there is a better way of managing alumni relations, one that rewards both asker and giver.

Better engagement can be achieved by:

  1. Developing a series of “triggers” to automatically respond in a timely fashion to relevant significant events in a graduate’s career and life.
  2. Growing communities of interest around areas of passion for the benefit of staff, current and, especially future students.
  3. Leveraging your alumni's “practical wisdom” and embedding their expertise in specific advisory and curriculum creation activities and more

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