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September, 2016
New Zealand
Christchurch, Wellington, 
and Auckland
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Workshop 1: The student's view from their window: travelling along the digital freeway

Placing you in the driver’s seat on the digital freeway, you will experience first-hand what international students are seeing as they race toward their destination, learning more about how to best deploy digital tools to best connect with students on their journey to enrolment.

Featured Speakers

Dr Susie Robinson
George Hernandez
Digital & International Marketing Strategist
11 September 2018
12 September 2018
13 September 2018

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Workshop 2: Beyond the great firewall:  social media in China

Coming to grips with digital and social media in China is no easy task. Between VPNs, firewalls and the influx of local alternative platforms, it can be a difficult market to gain cut-through. Join us as we explore the best tools and tactics to succeed.

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1:30pm- 5:00pm

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